Our Services

We specialize in providing comprehensive services in the field of sanitary installations, starting from the design phase through to the final implementation. Each project is carried out under the strict supervision of our experienced and professional specialists who guarantee high quality and precision of execution. Our seasoned engineering team constantly monitors and oversees each stage of the project, ensuring high quality and compliance with established standards.


At this stage, we carefully analyze the client's requirements and create a personalized design.

Supply of Materials

We provide all the necessary materials essential for the execution of the project.

Project Implementation

Our experienced team of specialists meticulously implements the project, paying attention to details to ensure the best results.

Quality Supervision and Control

The supervision team ensures everything is in accordance with the plan and meets the highest quality standards.

Our Specializations

We design and comprehensively equip various types of facilities with:

residential ventilation and air conditioning installations​
fire ventilation installations​
refrigeration installations​

Installation and service of air conditioning systems:

Freon installations – VRF systems, multisplit, and split,

chilled water installations containing systems consisting of chillers, fan coils – systems ensuring comfortable working conditions, and

– precise air conditioning based on precise air conditioning cabinets.

– heat pumps

heating installations​

central heating installations

freon installations – VRF systems, multisplit, and split,

technological heat installations for heaters in ventilation centers, heating-ventilation units, fan coils

heat pumps

technological process installations

– compressed air installations

– exhaust gas extraction

– water treatment

– heat recovery installations from technological processes

– technological extracts, dedusting, cyclones

– clean rooms

water and sewage installations​

gas installations​

hydrant and sprinkler installations​

water and sewage, gas, and district heating networks and connections​

automatic control systems​

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